Our story

Koowheel Asia is a Personal Mobility Device company that specializes in high performance, light weight transportation solutions. Our proprietary Electric Longboard is the first in the world to offer revolutionary in wheel motor technology with swappable batteries and wheel kit set.

When we first started, we have a strong belief that longboarding can be a skill that is easily picked up and enjoyed by all people of different ages. Koowheel Asia is hence formed with a single vision; to bridge technology with action sports.

The result is a highly enjoyable last mile solution for our urban commuters.

Koowheel Asia Shine Festival 2017

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Our design

We want to bring the fun back to commuting, again.

Let's face it. The daily commute is boring. Even more so when the public transport fails to arrive on time.

As our modern cities become congested, we have the right to determine if we want to be a part of it.

By having a lightweight, powerful last mile transportation solution allow us to bring back the control that we yearn for. We can now travel anywhere, anytime on our schedule and at the same time enjoying the commute too.

Why choose us

Quality has always been at the core of us, as we want our products to last whilst being used every day. To ensure the highest quality, we like to be in charge of the entire development and production process – from the first sketch down to the finishing touch.

We are housed in Singapore and all parts are available in our studio where we can diagnose and troubleshoot any issues that you have. We have the capability to repair immediately with our fastest turn around in 1 hour where we changed the mainboard with a brand new sparkling one with our customer ready to pick it up and skate on the same day.

We want everyone to be able to learn, enjoy and be fully comfortable with your purchase. We never encourage rush purchases unless you are fully passionate about it. That is why we open up our offices for you to understand more of our Koowheel Electric Longboard, so that you can learn and give the board a ride. Just schedule with us anytime!

We take feedback from our valuable customers seriously and along the way as we progress to be better with each release, we address all of the complains that were present and resolve them in the next upgrade. Till date we have made 4 upgrades and the final one with the ONYX Version 2, which is our best electric longboard by far.

Feel free, move free

Enjoy the feeling of freedom, that’s the feeling we want
to capture when we design our products.

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