Each of our Koowheel are beautifully packed and weighs at 8.0KG and depending on courier company, it could be from $50 - $75. Please feel free to speak with us and we can work out the most affordable and reliable courier to bring the board to you.

The Koowheel is Splash Resistant to IP44. We have now strengthen the core of our mainboard with water-proofing sealant as well. However, one thing to note during wet terrain is that the wheels tend to skid if we don't control them properly. So ride with extreme care at all times!

We take pride in all of our orders and we hope you are able to grant us the time to properly check, test and ride the board so that it is within our engineering parameters. It takes 7-14 days for our delivery to reach you.

Absolutely, the beauty about Hub motors are that it does not interfere the traction of the wheels, allowing it to free-wheel just like a typical skateboard. We call it the 2-in-1 special. We can still skate our ride back even when the battery runs out. Unlike a belt motored powered electric longboard, there will be resistance encountered.

Yes we have specifically design our longboard to cater to the new regulations set by LTA for the usage of PMD. The Koowheel D3M Electric Longboard is under 10 KG (7.3KG with Battery Pack Loaded) and the speed is programmed by default to be capped at 25KM/HR. Let us all exercise caution and be a courteous rider while we are at the park and on shared pavement with fellow Singaporeans. Please find the Active Mobility Bill to have a better understanding on how we should protect ourselves to provide a safer journey to all. 


LTA PMD Active Mobility Bill

We have been a pioneer of brushless motor technology since 2009 and comparing to other brands in the market, we give the best price to value proposition. We provide Dual hub brush motors that have been refined each time we upgrade our main board, till date from 2016 - 2017, we have released 4 reiterations and each time we know we are closer to our best product to date; which is the ONYX electric longboard. We have also re-engineer our main board and have our bluetooth remote designed to be more ergonomic to ensure our riders have the comfort whenever they ride

We provide an online invoice that is tie to the date of purchase and each purchase comes with a one year warranty that covers the mainboard and electric motors, where we are able to change the faulty parts, no questions asked! The good thing is that during our design process, we have made each part to be interchangeable so that in the future, it will be easy to maintain and replace.