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Product Description

Koowheel Electric Longboard is your own personal transport solution in this busy urban city as a reliable last mile solution. Designed to be lightweight and mobile, we can hop off any stations or take off anytime at our own convenience. We can now be less reliant on public transport and save on the all time of waiting and squeezing with the rest. With our schedule in our control, think of all the time we have for our new adventure everyday; exploring previously undiscovered places of interest.

Product Description

Product highlights

• Innovative engineering, KOOWHEEL is powered by Dual Drive Brushless Wheel Hub Motors that is first in the world that can be easily swapped out.

• Ride to familiar places and discover new areas of interest previously you never know before with a battery range of at least 20 KM. Swap a new pack for more range with relative ease.

• Get through any gradient with relative ease with a hill climb that powers above 25%.

• Shock and Impact resistance provided by 7 layers of Canadian Maple Wood with a layer of glass fiber to withstand weight-load of up to 130 KG. Flex the board all you want!

Protection from the


As a daily commute board, wear and tear happens. With the new swappable wheel kit, freshness is always guaranteed.

Features the key

All urban terrain suitability

All urban terrain suitability

Be it gutters, drainage covers, bumps, humps, you name it, we ride over them like your favourite desserts served.

Easy Control

Easy Control

The wireless blue-tooth connected remote control allows for precise braking and acceleration all from the push of a button.

Energy Efficient

Energy Efficient

Our reliable lithium-ion battery from LG last conservatively over a distance of 20 KM of range and recharges with regenerative braking too.

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